19thC Lobi Tribal Currency of Entwined Snakes

19thC Lobi Tribal Currency of Entwined Snakes

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H: 21cm (8.3")Di: 18cm (7.1")

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This is a large West African iron currency item in the form of two entwined snakes, a very rare form of this type of currency. It is from the Lobi people that were in what is now Ghana although they were dispersed through Burkina Faso & Ivory Coast. It is in good yet oxidized condition and although was originally an item of currency and wealth it is a great and decorative item of tribal art & design.
This item is from the extensive collection of Seward Kennedy that went up for auction in 2016 / 2017 after his passing.
H 8.27 in. x Dm 7.09 in.
H 21 cm x Dm 18 cm