Pair of Bespoke Benches of Scandinavian Influence

Pair of Bespoke Benches of Scandinavian Influence

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W: 220cm (86.6")H: 47cm (18.5")D: 22cm (8.7")

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This is a beautiful pair of bespoke pine benches designed and constructed by myself. During a city break to Stockholm is 2004 I saw a table in a cafe with what I found to be a very interesting shape to the end, this stuck in my mind. Then a few months ago I purchased a small quantity of antique pine timber with great wear to the surface, perfect for benches, this triggered the memory and I used it as an influence in the design of these benches. I used an oscillating water jet to blow out section of the grain on the freshly cut areas and then gave the whole bench a wash to blend colours together, the finish is dry and unpolished as this gives the look I was after.

They measure 47cm high by 29cm deep at the base and the seat being 22cm deep and being 220cm long.