Vintage Uzbek Suzani Rug / Throw

Vintage Uzbek Suzani Rug / Throw

Code: 10169


W: 176cm (69.3")L: 220cm (86.6")


A beautiful example of an Uzbek Suzani rug/throw in very good condition, this one is approx 30 years old so although not antique it is vintage.  This is a great practical and decorative rug and would make a great sofa or bed throw. There are a few marks from use but nothing major or that detracts from it. It is constructed of five long wollen panels stitched together before the embroidery is applied. Is of a grey colour with blue, cream and purple silk embroidery.

Suzani is a form of decorative hand-embroidered tribal textile panel made predominantly in Uzbekistan & Tajikistan. 'Suzani' is from the Persian 'Suzan' which means 'needle'. Suzani textiles were traditionally made by brides as part of their dowry, and were presented to the groom on the wedding day. 
The majority of the Suzani that come to the market are for use as throws or wall hangings due to the embroidery being of silk and not really durable under foot. Silk embroidered Suzani are great examples of the folk art of an ancient tribal cultures that are kept alive to this day.