Mid 20thC TanSad Desk Chair

Mid 20thC TanSad Desk Chair

Code: 10112


W: 72cm (28.3")H: 72cm (28.3")D: 50cm (19.7")


Mid 20thC TanSad Desk Chair. A superb model of desk chair by TanSad, the seat can move back and forth as well as up and down in height with the back bad on a swivel hinge for comfort. It is in polished aluminium that has aged down to a mellow tone, the upholstery has been fully redone in red vinyl. The chair is in very good condition with a few marks to the frame from use, the castors are not smooth but are original and as such have been retained.
As the chair is adjustable the measurement are from either end: height 72cm when down or 82cm when up, seat 46cm when down or 54cm when up, depth of 50cm and width of 72cm to the arms edges.